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Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu

Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu is located in the sex culture has 12000 mu of unique scenery of international standard tourist town "liangzhu cultural village" - hangzhou, adjacent to the famous national archaeological site park of liangzhu culture, and unique from hangzhou city center recently hills green space and water net plain with the combination of the ecological environment. Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu covers an area of about 274.8 acres, a total construction area of 73000 square meters, and owns more than 40000 square meters of water and 20000 square meters of road and square.312 sets of unique style of oversized guest rooms, can accommodate 1000 people dining at the same time more than the western restaurant, and 960 ㎡ large multi-function hall and other more than ten size conference room, Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu opening time on March 28, 2008, building 3 floors, a total of 312 rooms (set)